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Degressive Lenses
HD FreeForm®

What are Degressive lenses?

Degressive lenses have two vision zones: the intermediate vision (from 10 to 2 feet) in the upper part of the lens and the near vision in the lower part. They offer a larger visual field in these two vision zones since they do not have a distance vision zone.

Who should wear these lenses?

People who don't have a value indicated on their prescription, who often work on the computer, use their near vision and wish to have a pair of glasses that maximizes their visual field in these two zones.

Special features of the FreeForm® lenses offered at BonLook

The FreeForm® technology is one of the manufacturing processes used to make HD lenses. It's a computer-based state-of-the-art technology that uses calculates and corrects the curvature point by point (up to 1,000 times throughout the surface of the lens) and helps reduce to a minimum the undesired blurry areas on the edges of the lens.

The FreeForm® lenses (also called digital lenses) provide an immediate comfort and a 30% larger clear intermediate visual field.

Available treatments and indexes


  • Scratch-resistant included in the base price
  • Anti-glare included in the base price

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  • CR-39 included in the base price
  • 1.67 High-Index (+ additional costs)
  • 1.74 Very High-Index (+ additional costs)

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How to get Degressive Lenses?


Available online only for US and International Orders.
In Canada, anti-fatigue, degressive and progressive lenses are available in our stores by appointment with one of our opticians only.


Base price $299 USD

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