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The low bridge fit, explained
Or how to make sure you’re as comfy as can be

Small changes, great impact

What’s different about our low bridge fit glasses? Quite simply, a lower bridge, deeper nose pads and longer temples. It might seem like minor changes, but they make a world of difference in our objective to make comfortable and flattering eyewear for everyone.

As its name suggests, a low bridge fit is ideally suited for wearers with low nose bridges; they’re also a great fit for wide faces and high cheekbones. In a word, we’re thrilled to add them to our growing range of fits and sizes.

Let’s get a little more specific

A lower bridge and deeper nose pads allow the frame to sit higher and more comfortably on each side of the nose instead of directly on the slope. This adjustment improves stability and grip (see you later, slippage!) while also preventing the lower lenses from resting unpleasantly on the cheeks – this means, no more annoying red marks.

As for the longer temples, they provide the extra room necessary to reduce tension on the nose and cheeks and ensure proper adjustment behind the ears, which keeps your frames nice and secure.

Less chatting, more shopping

If you’re thinking you’ve heard enough and you just want us to let you at them, here’s the essential part: where to find them! Head on over to the Motion collection for women and men where you’ll find eight new magical low bridge designs.

Settle in, things are about to get extra comfortable.

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